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About Me

SENSEI SUDIP DEY started practising Martial art in the year 1983.Since then he practised very hard to improve himself in kyokushin karate. He has participated in various state and national karate tournaments and championships and also in first all India open full contact championship (Oyama Cup) achieved 1st place in light weight category and also champion of grand trophy Oyama Cup. He had also participated in 2nd all India full contact karate Oyama Cup, secured 3rd place in light weight category. He had been officially invited for judging and referring in various states and national level tournaments .He had done his 4th degree black belt in karate from Japan. He had also done his 1st and 2nd degree black belt in kick boxing from Indian association of kick boxing organization and also 1st degree black belt in taekwondo from south Korea, he had compromised his career for promoting karate and its advantages in life .His aim in life is to educate every single interested person in karate and draw every ones attention to Kyokushin karate.

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Training Experience Martial Arts last 30 years :

1) 1985-2014 : All India Summer Training Camp at Digha, West Bengal.
2) 1985-2014 : All India training Camp.
3) 1988-1995 : All India instructor Camp in Kolkata.
4) 1992 : Prompted to Shodan(1st Degree Black Belt karate japan).
5) 1999 : Prompted to Nidan (2nd Degre Black belt Karate Japan).
6) 2009 :Prompted to1st Degree Black Belt in Kickboxing from India Association of Kickboxing organization.
7) 2010 :Prompted 2nd Degree Black Belt from India Association of Kickboxing Organization.
8) 2011 :Prompted 1st Degree Black Belt Taekwondo from South Korea.
9) 2013 :Prompted to Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt Karate japan) & 4th Degree black Belt A.I.K.F.

Tournament Experience :

1) 1986 : 1st All India Full Contact Karate Tournament (Oyama Cup) Achived 1st place in light weight category , and also Champion of Grand Trophy Oyama Cup.
2) 1987 : 4th World Cup (All India Selection Championship held in Kolkata and Achived 4th place in Open category).
3) 1988 : 2nd All india Full contract Karate Tournament Oyama Cup(Achived 3rd place in light weight category).
4) 1996 :Officially invited from Japan for 7th Asian Karate Tournaments Chennai.

State & National Judge and Referee of Kyokushin Karate Organization :

1) 1993-2014 :Judge & Referee in all W.B. State full contact karate ournament.
2) 1993 : Judge & Referee in All Assam full contact karate Tournament.
3) 1994 : Judge & Referee in 4th All India Oyama Cup Tournament at Kolkata.
4) 1995 : Judge & Referee in 6th All India karate Tournament, Guwahati, Assam.
5) 1993-2015 : Judge & Referee in All District karate Champianship in W.B.
6) 2009 :Referee in All India full Contact karate Tournament Thirvananthapuram Kerala.
7) 2011 : Referee in al India full Contact karate Tournament at Guwahati, Assam.